Month: February 2016

Minority to Majority- The Black American Dream Forum

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Minority to Majority- The Black American Dream Forum   

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Time: 12:30pm-3:30pm

Enoch Pratt Free Library
6310 Reisterstown Rd
Baltimore, MD 21215

BPE Founder, Will Holmes will be on a fantastic panel this Saturday at 12:30pm at The Enoch Free Library on Reisterstown Road!  Bring your friends and family as we discuss business, economic and social topics that affect you and your community.

Free admission!  Register at

Topic Discussions:

*Reducing Minority Community Poverty Levels in Focus Areas: Education and Political System, Incarceration and Unemployment

*Building Minority, Women and Next Generation Wealth Assets through: Entrepreneurship, Homeownership, Retirement Savings and Investment Education.

Moderator: Samantha McCoy, President and Chief Strategist of MissionKey Communications, LLC

Guest Panel Speakers: Brendan J. Lee, Behavior Specialist/ Motivational Speaker; Will Holmes, President & Founder of Will Holmes Consulting and Baltimore Professionals & Entrepreneurs; Aisha Dacosta, Executive Director, CEO & Founder of I Am O’Kah;  Donna Rouse, Mortgage Banker, Peoples Bank; Feleisa Thompson, Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist, DLLR; Jason Nichols, Professor of African-American Studies, University of MD, College Park

Free admission!  Register at

Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Stinks…

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If you are not making money with your website, your digital marketing stinks. Websites are no longer just informational online brochures. They must be Interactive, Integrated and Intelligent.

Small and growing companies, non-profit organizations and community groups spend time and resources trying to get their message out to the world. But, most are doing it wrong. It’s not for lack of trying. Companies are using social media and internet advertising more than ever before. But sadly, because of 3 missing key ingredients, these campaigns are failing and returns are abysmal.

To be digitally effective you must engage potential customers on the channels that they prefer, attract them to an interactive website, capture their information and use tools and processes to convert them to paying customers. Once companies understand and implement this structure and create sound processes, they start to see results. We have tested and implemented this process with growing and large companies, non-profits and in various industries since 2008 and have seen tremendous gains in web traffic, marketing list growth, member enrollment. customer engagement and most importantly, converted paying customers.


If you have not leveraged social media, internet advertising, email marketing, webinars, blogs, videos, conference calls and events to better engage with your customers, what are you waiting for? Your competitors have been using these techniques for a few years now and they are taking your customers. But it is not too late. You can build your market share by starting and maintaining a continuous conversation with potential clients. Business-to-Business or Business-to-Customer, you must have various channels for communicating with potential, current and past consumers. And you must have a website that you can maintain internally and change when business needs dictate; not when a developer can fit you into their schedule.

Why spend all the time and effort marketing, blogging and posting pictures on social media if you have no way of gathering potential customer information or converting these friends/ connections/ followers to paying customers? You must have an integrated database to store customer and lead data and you must have an integrated online payment system for getting paid. And if you are a non-profit why aren’t you bringing potential donors, members and sponsors back to your website where they can make a donation and help you further your mission? If not, you are losing opportunity and money.

Do you know how much traffic you are receiving? Do you know the success of that last Facebook update? Or the ROI on that last tweet? What good are likes and shares if you have no idea of who the people are who have been exposed to your brand? Why have all that web traffic if you don’t know have a way to follow up? You must have metrics for measuring the effectiveness of your marketing dollars. You must have data on who is actually coming to your site and how they heard about you. You need these gauges so you can operate your digital marketing strategy effectively. Without these measures, you are flying blind and wasting a lot of time and money along the way.

You can contact WHC and we can help you implement an integrated, simplified, cost-effective system for building your lead and customer base, taking back your market share, and making money with your digital strategy and new processes. Brand awareness is not enough. Effective marketing makes money! Enter your info below and we can discuss your options for better revenue in 2016.

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