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Sale on Motivational & Business Coaching Hours Through 7/1/16


Will Holmes SBA 2015BPE Founder, Will Holmes has worked with the Small Business Administration, The Urban League, The University of Baltimore School of Business, Towson University and the City of Baltimore to train hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs and potential leaders.

However, some need one-on-one time with a Senior Consultant to discuss:

  • Getting motivated and getting past fear
  • Developing a Plan for Moving Forward
  • Creating effective marketing strategy and metrics
  • Developing efficient business processes
  • Real methods for increasing profits
  • Transitioning from their 9 to 5 to starting their business



Start developing your plan for growth! We invite you to take advantage of this special offer:


  • $89 for two, 1-on-1 conference calls to discuss your challenges and ideas
  • $199 for five, 1-on-1 conference calls to discuss your challenges and ideas
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  • $149 for two, In-Person, 1-on-1 consultations in Maryland to discuss your challenges and ideas
  • $299 for five, In-Person, 1-on-1 consultations in Maryland to discuss your challenges and ideas
  • $599 for twelve, In-Person. 1-on-1 consultations in Maryland to discuss your challenges and ideas

This is an incredible value. Sale ends at 9pm 7/1/16! Use the convenient PayPal buttons below to enroll and a Senior Consultant will contact you to double your hours and schedule your sessions. *Customers outside of Maryland will be charged for travel.

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Events for Week of 6/27

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BPE Members!

This week, we have 2 cool socials, 1 motivational call and 1 coordinated opportunity to help our homeless.  Please RSVP and share with friends!  Yes, we have over 3800 members, but we always want to add positive people to our BPE family.  So, please share this post!

This week:

Wednesday, 6/29- Game Night Social for Singles at the Hotel RL game room.  Free admission.  Click here for details.

Friday, 7/1- Sundresses & Ciroc- Music, networking, dancing, fun at Elite Lounge.  Free admission.  Click here for details.

Saturday, 7/2- Personal Development Conference Call.  Want to make some positive changes?  Start with this inspiring call.  Click here for details.

Saturday, 7/2- Outreach to the Homeless.  Click here for details.

Interview with Music Artist Coreal

1. What is your name and stage name? Where are you from?  Why and when did you start?  What type of music do you produce?  What types of fans will like your music?  What should fans know about you?  Who is on your team? 

My name is Coreal, that is both my stage name and real name. I was born in Baltimore City in Edmonson Village but grew up in New Jersey and New York. I moved back to the Baltimore area and have been here for about 30 years now.

img_0037I have been writing rhymes for over 30 years, recording in studios for almost the same amount of time. I began on my own with the purchase of my own studio in 2000 because I wanted to hear my music. My music is pure, uncut. provocative, ‘in your face’ hip hop.

Who will like my music? I hope everybody will enjoy my music, the 80s and 90s hip hop heads, people who love lyrics. I put a lot of gems into the content of my rhymes and visuals; there’s some decent thought about what I say and how and I say it.

My fans should know that I make this music for them, so support should come in all forms. If you like the music, purchase it. Like the video and share your experience with others. It is easy to be expressive with your support through a digital device. I am a true hip hop fan; that is how I move. I hear a song I like, I buy it, regardless of whether I know the artist or not. I’m a lover of music and I do this for you to enjoy. I don’t believe art has to reflect life or that you have to keep it real in your music. Though I do keep it very real, people put too much into how real someone is. It’s art first. Mine is a mix of realism and abstractness. My team is ever growing but always looking for folks who can add to mix. I would love some interns. Do you have any? 🙂

2. What sets your music apart?  Why should fans support you?  Who influenced your music?

Compared to today’s hip hop, generally speaking, my music reeks of hip hop from the 80s and 90s era. Compared to what you hear today. I am a 40 something year old MC and I speak it how I live it, with an in your face style, reminiscent of how we did in the 80s.

I want fans to organically support changing  the concept, that once you get to a certain age, you can’t make hip hop music anymore. There are 40 and 50 year olds who grew up on hip hop and still listen. There is an audience. I’m still hip hop every day when on these streets. A lot of people my age are in a time warp with their hip hop and they prefer it that way, to current options. Its natural. Think of the music your parents listen to; they probably find themselves in a time warp too, whether its 60s/70s music…or 80s/90s music. When someone comes along from that era they like, people gravitate to that artist because they associate with their sound and style. I hope to fill that void and offer something new…but tried and true.

I was a huge Rakim fan. I was Rakim when I was 16/17 and living in North Jersey. Big Daddy Kane comes to mind as well as Nas. I’m inspired by a lot of artists though.

3. Describe your greatest accomplishments.  What are you most proud of?

I was a really smart kid. When I first moved to Jersey, I was top of my class, winning (ranked #1) in a state competition for all schools in math. I could have been valedictorian of my high school had I properly applied myself. My greatest accomplishment is seeing my son, whom I raised as a single Dad for the past 7 years, graduate summa cum laude from his high school just recently and is off to college in the fall.

4. What are your plans for growth in the music business?  Do you produce music too?  Do you manage artists?

I plan to continue to make music with myself as the main artist for now, but I do plan to grow a roster where I can be more behind the scenes and implement my vision through other deserving talented artists. I produce music and have produced all the music I have put out to date. Once my offering as an artist has taken flight, I would look to do so again. That is my end goal, to build something that provides a platform for others to share their talent and make money at the same time.

5. Where are you located? How can fans reach you?  Contact info? Website?  Email?  Social Media?  How can fans get your music?  Merchandise?  Book you?

I am right outside of Baltimore at the moment. About 30 minutes from downtown. I’m on all the social media outlets:







I’m on most of the digital retailer sites such as  iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, GooglePlay, CD Universe, Bandcamp, Soundcloud.


Events 6/6 – 6/18

BPE Members!

I want to invite you, your friends and your colleagues to the following events:

This Week
Tuesday, 6/7: SBA Workshop- International Trade Basics
Tuesday, 6/7: Bi-Weekly Business Strategy Conference Call (Level 2 Members)
Wednesday, 6/8: Free Social at the Equitable Building Rooftop (free drinks & food!!!)
Thursday, 6/9: Personal Development Meeting- Get Motivated & Get Past Fear (Level 2 Members)

Next Week
Wednesday, 6/15: 30 Steps for Startups Workshop (Free)
Thursday, 6/16: ENGAGE social event at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum
Saturday, 6/18: Personal Development Conference Call (Free)
Saturday, 6/18: It Takes a Village Scholarship and Awards Gala (scholarships for 10 children)

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